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Sleeve Gastrectomy


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Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive bariatric surgery.

The gastric sleeve procedure also referred to as the “sleeve gastrectomy” is a relatively new procedure for surgical weight loss. It is similar to the gastric band surgery, in that it is a restrictive procedure.

The stomach is reduced by approximately 80 %, which creates a much smaller stomach. Therefore less food is needed to make a person feel full and satisfied. The stomach will now resemble a long, narrow tube, much like a banana in shape. There is no implant like with the gastric band surgery and no re-routing of intestines like with the gastric bypass.

With the sleeve gastrectomy, the digestive anatomy remains exactly the same with the exception of a narrow stomach size. When early fullness occurs, less food and calories are consumed and weight loss occurs. Like all surgical weight loss procedures, adherence to a healthy hi-protein, low carbohydrate diet, regular movement, certain vitamin supplementation and a healthy positive attitude toward change is needed for the gastric sleeve patient to be successful and to maintain their success.


Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve

The diet for gastric sleeve begins with pureed protein and progresses to include all food groups in all textures. The diet progressive occurs over five weeks. Patients are able to tolerate sugars and milk (unlike gastric bypass patients) but generally follow a fluid plan of water and sugar-free, low calorie drinks.

The key with nutrition after sleeve surgery is mindful eating, following new eating techniques, consuming high quality food, prioritizing protein and learning when “fullness” occurs.